Hello I am carlakinky, I'm from Lisbon.

Ever since little, I had a fascination for good dicks, but for some years i've been very quiet, imagining and freeing myself with fantasies and fetishes with masturbation

Yes, I could have multiple orgasms just to imagine many men around me, groping and sucking my nipples, tucking their dicks in my ass and pussy.

Well, those were only fantasies but now it's really serious stuff!

After a few years I met a man who is my husband who made me accomplish all this fantasies, all because he's Cuckold and like me to feel good and be happy this way. To fuck all men who make me.

I became a great bitch. I'm just fine with men around me, sucking those dicks and feel the hot milk gulps. At start I did not drink the cum but now I'm crazy about that divine taste.

I am a big fag bitch. Well, for those who do not know I love being assfucked, and feel the cum inside my big ass.

I love being surrounded by many men and not to be able to escape from them and have to fuck them all, getting flooded with cum, until getting a wax doll covered with cum!

Meanwhile, I started dogging in Fonte da Telha and Trancão Park for at least 10 years. In Fonte da Telha, my max group of men in dogging was 14 all around me. But in Trancão Park I have made a monumental dogging with 39 men under the Vasco da Gama's bridge, on the "Caminho das Cegonhas". It was spectacular. I am a big bitch.

Well, I'm hooked on these things of dogging. I love to vary men and to feel several different cocks on the same day, how tasty!!! For this reason I was baptized as the queen of dogging in Portugal. It was not me who named mmyself, but the men whom wich I gave great fucks.

I started doing porn movies with and to some men who liked to record their adventures with me, for them to remember later. I won the taste and started recording more professionally about 8 years ago.

I do erotic salons by invitation of porn video producers, all throughout Europe, also for about 8 years.

Now I decided to make a website for everyone to enjoy my fantasies and be able to masturbate imagining many ways to fuck me and to cum on top of me, and who knows maybe a meeting with me, to fuck me well.

Wowwww! It looks like I'm already feeling the warm cum.

Have fun and enjoy with CarlaKinky 

© CarlaKinky.com 2016

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