Out in the open

Well, today I went out with two of my husband's friends and had lunch together, and the damn conversation was always about fuck! As you can imagine, we ended fucking, the three of us, out in an open field, anywere around Santa Iria, near Lisbon. One of them wanted to have my ass but was unable to do so. 

The other friend was crazy with the blowjob I did to him, for when he started to fuck me, all it took was six or seven strokes to fill my whole cunt with sperm. I can assure I felt the hot and quite abundant sperm gulps. Even not taking out his dick from my cunt it gulshed out, such was the amount of sperm, while the ather one, who wanted my ass, masturbated up my buttocks.

Another one of my adventures that enjoyed.

Soon will come out plenty of videos and photo galleries on my website.

Kisses for all from your CarlaKinky. 

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