Hello friends! I apologize for not having published a thing for a while, but as some of you know, I've been busy putting Private sex swing AFRODITA Just the way I like it, and it gave me a lot of work, but it's awsome.

During the month of November I will go through hundreds of photos and dozens of videos to put them on my website where all of you can enjoy my crazy adventures with friends, the outdoors, in friends house and in my house also, on the beach and is right where rail is so give me the will to get on with my sweet and wet cunt for I cannot resist a good fuck!

I'll tell you another adventure of mine! while the works of AFRODITA went by, I had an electrician to repair some of the electrical installation, he was a man made, with a certain age that afterwards I learned he had 63 years old.

Arriving AFRODITA as every usual day in the morning with my husband Michael, because I like to dress up provocatively, when I change clothes to start working in the works of AFRODITA I heard a whisper like: "if you wanted you could have this for you". As I turned around to where that dragged voice came from I found that electrician with his stiff dick in his hand and pulling the skin back, that left me out of me because I can not resist a fucking dick. I walked slowly to him only in garter belt and provocative undershorts all in lace and high heels, almost even had no time to say a word, because he grabbed me with brute force, turned me behind pulling my tiny undershorts to one side of my big ass and all at once he stuck it in my cunt because it was so very wet.

Thrusts strong as only a man with experience can do that lasted about 3 minutes. I assure it was no longer, but enough to keep the well flooded cunt thick cum, that when I put my hand under until I agonized to see so much cum as he checked that amazing male milk.

The electrician turned away and continued his work as if nothing had happened. I love feeling macho milk within me, my cuckold husband, not realized anything but do not know how.

Wet kisses for all from CarlaKinky.

© 2016

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